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Engagement Photos Sutro Baths San Francisco

San Fran Engagement Photos Sutro Baths Most wedding photographers absolutely love traveling. Honestly, I'm not one of them. Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy being in new, unique places and drinking local beers with fresh faces, but the "process" of traveling I completely suck at. What I mean is I'm guaranteed to forgot at least 2 or maybe 3 important things. An[...]

Old Town Temecula Engagement Photos

Old Town Temecula Engagement Photos

Temecula, California Engagement Session I have known Keith for over 20 years so it goes without saying that we have seen the best and worst of each other over that time span. From playing music together, to 200 score bowling games, playing golf like total shit, Vegas trips and enough booze to kill a blue whale, it has been a pretty incredible journey. Somewhere in th[...]

Engagement Photos Victoria Beach Laguna

Laguna Beach Engagement Photos When I received a email around the Christmas holidays from a girl in Florida named Hannah I figured she recently got engaged and was inquiring about wedding photography stuff. Little did I know Hannah was actually contacting me because she wanted to hire me to photograph her brother Logan and soon-to-be sister-in-law Chloe's engagement [...]

Victoria Beach Laguna Beach Engagement Photos

Victoria Beach Engagement Session I seriously have no clue what the proper etiquette is for writing blog posts or probably just doing this whole life thing in general. I mean I'm literally the guy who wears a sleeveless Misfits shirts and drinks beer while having Skype meetings with potential wedding clients. The point is I am terrible at transitions so if you can ju[...]

San Diego Brewery Engagement Photos

San Diego Brewery Engagement Photos

San Diego Engagement Session When I first connected with Kevin and Deena the conversation basically revolved around hockey and excellent craft beers. So needless to say we pretty much got along really well really quickly! Of course, we did spend about 6 minutes talking about wedding photography as well. Throughout the NHL playoffs we were all rooting for a Capitals/S[...]

Wonderland Ranch Joshua Tree Engagement Photos

One of my absolute favorite places on the planet Earth is not Hemet, California. That place totally sucks and you should never go there, but do you want to know a place that doesn't suck? Joshua Tree, California. Joshua Tree is this really incredible place that for some reason many people never go. Sure I could take the easy route and say it is because people are gene[...]